In order to meet your expectations we are proud to announce that w have started production of double sided concrete fences.
Double sided concrete fences manufactured by our company are brand new on the Polish market.
Our fences are manufactured in natural colours, thereby are characterized by effective and modern looks. This way we have manufactured a fence with very natural and light looks, matching perfectly in every place of its assembly.

two sided concrete fences

  • Double sided concrete fences have a design and surface of a split sandstone.
  • The design of a double sided fence is identical on the front and back side. Watch the presentation below

  • Double sided fences are manufactured by use of a specially elaborated concrete mixture, resulting in extraordinary hardness of elements and very detailed finish of the surface.
  • The panels in double sided concrete fences are installed on the principle of a tongue and groove, thereby we have eliminated breaks between the plates resulting in the effect of a uniform surface.
  • The bay of a double sided fence is finished with an effective awning, giving a stylish and timeless looks.

Gallery of double sided concrete fences >>>

Double sided concrete fences are manufactured in concrete colour, light sand colour and dark sand colour.

Colours of double sided concrete fences >>>

In case of double sided concrete fences, any material may be used as a filling - this way we will receive an openwork fence.

Installation of a double sided concrete fence is much easier and cheaper than e.g. split, module or metal fences.

Dimensions of the elements of a double sided concrete fence:
- double sided concrete panel 144 cm. length, 30 cm height
- double sided concrete post 12 cm x 12 cm - matching the bay height
- decorative awning of 144 cm length, 6 cm height

Standard bay of 186 cm height consist of 1 post, 6 panels and an awning.

Other heights (216 cm, 156 cm, 126 cm, 96 cm, 66 cm) available on demand.

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